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Art and Nature something for every season


The town of Ostiglia with its history, its museums, the Sanctuary, and the protected areas of Busatello (wetlands of international importance established by the Ramsar Convention), I'Isola Boschina on the River Po and the proximity to nearby historical cities of Mantova, Verona and Ferrara make Ostiglia the ideal place for a relaxing stay.

Fishing and dedicated areas for Fishing competitions- Canal Bianco in Cavanella Po


We are located just 500 metres from the Canal Bianco Fissero Tartaro and near to the river Po for catfish fishing. We offer special discounts to Fishing groups and can provide outdoor spaces for the preparation and storage of fishing equipment.  

A territory where the land and water reach the sky


In order to help you discover the countryside we provide guests (and those who request this service via the Consortium of Oltrepò Mantova), with bicycles. We are in close proximity to three major cycling routes: the trans national "Via Claudia Augusta" (connecting the Po to the Danube), the National Ostiglia-Treviso (nearing completion) and "Eurovelo 8" along the banks of the river Po. We participate at events organised to increase awareness of cycling: "Green Tour of Wellbeing” and events on sustainable mobility.

Marsh Plants Museum


Our antique stables will be hosting a small museum dedicated to preserving the evidence of this ancient method of harvesting and weaving the marsh plants, in order to illustrate the enormous importance of this handicraft for the local economy during the middle ages.

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