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Territory and surrounding Area

We are situated in the heart of a very rich and fertile countryside, famous for its agricultural production of cantaloupe melons, pumpkins, pears, watermelons and onions). The land, its history and its economy is closely bound to the great river Po. This territory is also where the two famous cheeses, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano are produced. The landscape is typical of the plains area along the Po river and has protected areas of great importance: the marshes of Ostiglia, the Busatello valleys, as well as the Islands Boschina and Boscone separating the towns of Ostiglia and Carbonara di Po. The entire area provides considerable evidence of the artistic history of great importance: the Benedictine Abbey of Polirone in San Benedetto Po or the Romanesque church of Pieve di Coriano.



Un borgo da scoprire in riva al Po 

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Oasi Busatello


Zona Umida di importanza internazionale 

Isola Boschina


L'origine ancora avvolta dal mistero 

I Musei


Musiche antiche, farmacopea e archeologia... 

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Itenerari Religiosi


Dalla Pastorella muta a Giulio Romano 

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Percorsi ciclabili


Liberi di pedalare nelle "verdi terre d'acqua"

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Cucina Mantovana


Dai Gonzaga ai giorni nostri

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Cucina Veneta


Dall'antica Roma al "nodo d'amore"

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